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How to integrate this in your project?

All the versions are saved as JSON files and you can simpy query the needed version's json file to get the vulnerabilities of that specific version.

For example if you needed the vulnerabilities of WordPress version 3.3 you would query the following json file.


What does the JSON Content look like?

All the JSON files have the following structure.

{ "version": "[WordPress Version]", "release_date": "[WordPress Version Release Date]", "changelog_url": "[WordPress Version Changelog URL]", "vulnerabilities": [ { "name": "[Vulnerability Name]", "date": "[Vulnerability Date]", "cve": "[Vulnerability CVE]", "cvss_score": "[Vulnerability CVSS Score]", "type": "[Vulnerability Type]", "cwe_id": "[Vulnerability CWE ID]", "fixed_in": "[Vulnerability Fixed in WP Version]", "references": [ "[URL REFERENCE 1]", "[URL REFERENCE 2]" ] } ] }